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Thursday, June 29, 2006


The summer is nice but its ironic I still dislike it as its gets really bad when I drive from work. Yes peeps, its been such a long while now and consequently my page hits are spiraling (umm..which direction? lol)

I can't believe we are halfway into 2006 which just seemed to start like a week back or something. I went through a whole semester in a school (no idea how!) and then here I am working again this summer for another firm. Work here though is pretty cool. An audio engineering and wireless systems company primarily composed of entertainers and smart pants rolled into one. Throw in the looks of
Tommy Chong (Leo from That 70s show) and you have Shure! Nice work environ and I am loving it. Lots of toys and cool stuff you can play with. I am also hanging by a thread to complete my degree, its my thesis, gotta get 'er done soon!

I am doing like a 140 miles a day (you can figure in km if you want) as Hareesh was not nice enough to give me a place in Chi like last year (lol..just kidding). So, typically I am leaving home like 0615 hrs to be at office a little before 0800 and back (if I am lucky, may I add) a little after 1830 hrs, averaging about 60 mph. Why this madness? I don't know, I am doing it and have done it for over 5 weeks now, so stop all the ranting and ridiculing (if any). Hence I have become mostly a pro at driving, but still take some risks I could avoid. I am just glad my 9 year old, second hand car has been upto the task everyday. Was carpooling initially, but had a fallout and hence driving alone now.

I don't know, I wanted to say so many things, but can't seem to remember all of it now. Summerfest starts today and I just started thinking about a quick stop this weekend, not sure. (This list might blow you). This weekend, Taste of Chicago starts and is also the long Independence Day weekend..yipee. Lots of stuff..huh? Not to mention some great games from the Fifa World Cup on too in addition to the Indianpolis F1 grandprix --- all this screaming weekend.

I also haven't heard from many of you in a long time. Whats going on around?