/* */ vita graphein/-: April 2006

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The month that was!

Well, its been yet another long hiatus since I was here. "What happened"? You don't want to know!

Oh ya, did I mention I may be working this summer again? Chances are, I did not. Yes, this summer, I am going to be interning at
Shure Inc., an audio electronics company. I had always wanted to work there ever since I got to know them and now well I have the chance. Sometime last semester, I had mentioned that I had gone on a day tour of a company close to Chicago and what an experience that was. Well, this is the development of that marriage that day.

That was what I should have been looking for all semester, but a lot of things came looking for me too, which I really wasn't exactly too amused about. I bought the car, which I wrote about sometime back. Did I say car? That has been a sort of -- in everything! First I ran off the road in a friend's car on a snowy day, which I should have known better not to drive. I was fine, the car had some work to be done on; then my car had its brake lights out one day and the mechanic had tried fixing it a couple of times, but somehow it always gave way. So as they say 3rd time lucky, I had to go once more, only this time, it was 3rd time unlucky! I was driving to the auto shop and some idiot ahead slammed the brakes so hard and suddenly, I had to follow suit and another idiot didn't do the same and rear ended me. Well, I was already running late for a few things and really did not have time to call the cops and sort it out as I was as liable as him for my brake lights being out. Well, the poor chap had greater damage than I, as I just had a small rip on my rear bumper and nothing else, and he had his whole entire left headlight ripped off. We had a few conversations later and we decided, each of us cares for our troubles, which was the best solution anyways. This was just the beginning of that whole week...Stay tuned