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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Touching base

I haven't logged back in here in quite a while and while I was sifting through something, I was reminded of my account at Blogspot!

Well, I am back from Bangalore, India. I was back early in January and have had a fleeting 1 month so far. I have had so much to take care of and accomplish that I have not had any time to settle back.
In the meanwhile.... The
Superbowl has just got over, so that's one less frenzy around here for everyone; Microsoft has released a Beta Version of their IE 7 and soon going to roll out their Vista OS (I hear July '06); My friend made a news aggregation website; the Ind-Pak series (which once again I could not resist buying a live stream) is on; I got myself a new cell phone and a car(!!).. and a few other things happened which are not worthy of being discussed.

So there has had been quite a barrage of issues I have had to contend with. I also retained the same positions at school which means I am still funded and as a result, I decided to take a Foreign language course, German. Its a basic level course, one which aims at teaching you grammar and basic conversational skills and improved reading skills. I am getting good at the reading and understanding bit, just still need a way to go in the grammar. I also have been given a name for the class as my name again seemed to be bothering the professor, so he picked a German name, 'Ludwig', and well, that is how I am known/called (haha).

We have had such a warm winter this year, (in comparison to normal I mean), its been awesome and in fact the temperatures have been really on the better side for the most part. Though, I must admit that the east coast is having an ultra bad 'weekend whiteout' with a foot and half of snow in some places over half a day, terrible!

Hmm, about the car I bought, it is a '98 (white) Dodge Neon (wiki link). Not the best of ones, but something I can use to get around and more importantly something my pocket could afford. Why the car now..well, why NOT now? Also, more importantly I have a few things to take care of.
Well, I have to scoot now to get some dinner and I am going to busy this sem with thesis work as well, as I have to get done with it soon. Shall post when something worthy comes up.