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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Back to Bangalore!

Its been a pretty long time now. I just saw that my last post was just a shade under 2 months ago and this was coming. Firstly, yes, a lot has happened in the time I haven't written and to recount all of them would be too cumbersome. Just to touch upon some main aspects.

The first snow for this winter just started a couple of days back and today was the worse, almost about an inch of snow in the morning. I was driving a little and boy, didn't the car slip! (yes, I have learnt how to drive and am a pretty confident driver here now, and still drive in all my friends' cars. I have not yet bought one.) Even as I write this, my univ has been doing great in the
football season this year and they are currently playing the MAC (Mid-American Championship) game at Detroit, Michigan against the Akron Zips and are leading 27-17 in the 4th quarter. (just became 27-24!)

One of the reasons I am posting this, is that, I am going to be back home in about a week's time from now and it was a long time coming. I had actually wondered some 14 months back, how I would be writing about coming back home and can't imagine I am actually at that point now. The winds of time have dispersed quite a bit of my thoughts and I am pondering over the writer Thomas Wolfe's words ,"You can't go home again". Well, it's definitely going to be different I can see, but hope its a pleasant change from the drone of activity here. I have a lot of stuff to write about, but oh well, its too trivial. I have my finals next week and have some work to finish up, hence I am leaving at the end of the week (Friday, Dec 09). I expect to land in Bangalore on Dec 11, and have planned to be there for a little over 4 weeks as of now. This being my last post for this year from here, I shall post once I am back here in this country.