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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Back to School...

I am back from Chicago and so from my internship as well. It doesn't feel all that great to get out of the Corporate culture and the city life I had been used to in the last 3 months, but feels great to get out of the shithole of a house I had been and come back to way more comfortable Dekalb. When most needed I lived in a place without an air conditioner (in Chicago) when temperatures were soaring. Now amazingly there has been like a 8-10 degree drop temperature during the daytime and almost a 15 degree drop during evenings and nights. It is great, but the problem it keeps getting cooler and cooler to a point you can take it no more and then hell freezes over. Well now, I am enjoying it as long its good.

I got out of Chicago on Saturday and had a friend drive me over to Dekalb as I had lot of stuff to move. I got back and all of the last weekend, I had so much stuff to take care of like moving back in and shit. Also there was someone staying temp at our place and at one point there were like 5 of us staying in a 2 bedroom with stuff at every step and navigating around the house was impossible. Well, he moved out and I had to get settled back into school mode as well and it seems to have gone decent so far. I haven't got a chance to tell you, but I have managed to get a funding from the school for the next year, a 2 part assistance. One of which is a Math tutorship (under the Dean) for the School of Engineering and the other is for the School of Nursing and I am working for the course Mental Health and Nursing. Its not that bad, I mean working 20 hours, as I know how to work the system very well now! ;)

I have also been catching up on a lot of racquetball these days at the Univ rec and have had a great time. In the midst of all this, I have also kinda begun to start some groundwork for my thesis, whose topic, at this point, I am unsure to disclose.

I could not write last weekend as I normally do, as I had been real busy moving in and out and all the work with school. Just updated now and also to let you know, I will be around in Bangalore around the 11th day of December.