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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Venetian Night

Its that time of the year, when most leases for housed get over and so has ours (in Chicago) and I have been fricking moving stuff till like 4 am on Sunday morning. Must have been the craziest thing to do at that time, but we had no other go. In fact, I am sure all of our neighbors must have been cursing us, but fortunately no one came out with a shotgun or so (lol). Anyways its some 2030 hrs on Sunday night and we are on and off still moving stuff from inside to outside and outside to inside! Phew! In all the hullaboo, I had to make something to eat for the night and guess what, first day in new house, we had to eat burnt food. Yuck!

Well, this was a bad day to start with, but yesterday I had been to the 48th Annual Venetian Night on the lakefront (Lake Michigan) and there are some pictures here (no, I did not take any, why; I will explain later). In fact the start itself was a little screwed up. This website, which generally gives accurate info, had listed the address wrong and I ended up going to the South side of the Lake Shore and could not see a single thing happening there and it was like 15 minutes to showtime. Without a computer (something we rely on for everything now), I could even map where I was and how to get away/around from there. Finally did reach the right place which was basically on the North side. Just reached in time to see the first boat drive by in full flow. Basically, this event is when boats are very beautifully decorated, just like Venetian boats and with a lot of music and some great crowds. Then there was some of the most awesome fireworks, I mean well choreographed with some great music and the fireworks actually danced to the music. The first song was aptly Lucy in the sky with Diamonds when the sparkles just lit up the sky. This has to be the best fireworks display I have ever seen and sure was stunning. We had some 700,000 people watching it on the Lakeshore. After this, was back close to midnight and then started moving to the new apartment (luckily on the same floor), and kinda got one stage done like 4 am, when I decided to catch some sleep. This morning we were up again and got the remainder of it done and now being some 2130 hrs, it seems ok and a little sane now. Well, I should have taken some good pictures of the Venetian Night, but did not..why..well last time when I had been somewhere, I did not take the reel (yes, I am still analog kind) and this time, the batteries in the camera were dead and of course, was of no use, @#$%!! I should have double checked, anyways, what I saw, kinda stays with me and I can't share/show it. Hmm...

Also this week we had fire alarms go off on a couple of days, one of which turned out to be a drill and the other was some real call, though minor. The entire exercise is kinda cool (you may think I am mad for saying this!), but the way they get the entire building evacuated in some 5 minutes and then you stay away from work for some 20 minutes. The fire truck, cops and the ambulance are there in minutes and to see the entire operation carried out at the height of efficiency and co-ordination is pretty nice. This week, I also started playing volleyball with some of the IT managers and interns. Well, they don't have as much work as the engineers and can afford some time off. How can I afford, you ask? Well..I just sneaked out one day and was back soon. We leave to a nearby lake and play on the shore in beach volleyball settings!! Its kinda crazy considering that you have to get back to work in all the sweat and mud. These guys come real prepared for this and I also learnt. Its really cool!! As part of the intern events at work, there has been a trip arranged to Arlington Park this Wednesday and I hope to have a good time there. Some derby is also taking place at the time we are going and also there has been lunch organized, looking forward to it.

I also plan to take a Spanish course this fall, provided my advisor approves, lets see how it goes...