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Sunday, July 24, 2005

a short one this time around

I had thought of posting midweek, but as you can see I didn't. Even as I sit inside a furnace of a room, I am happy to be doing so. Its fricking unbelievable 100 F (roughly 38 C) outside today and there is a severe heat warning today, so you would rather be inside than out. People say, 'as hot as hell', not sure if even hell is also as hot as I am experiencing. You may find it weird that I am being bothered so much by the weather, something which we never bothered too much in our lives, but here, its too much IN our lives. (Chicago weather)

Well, yesterday, I went to see this movie, The Island and was pretty exhilarating stuff. A Michael Bay film (Pearl Harbor, The Rock, Armageddon, etc). It had some amazingly good action sequences and I think you should catch it if possible. After that, I went roaming around downtown again, checking some stunning condos and skyscrapers. Went past the Chicago river, and then headed to eat somewhere, some nice food and then came back close to midnight.

Haven't done too much work otherwise as usual. Just saw England lose to Aus today in the Ashes test and also news of contrasting nature of the (bombing) madness in Egypt. Already security is on its rise in public transportation around here and I have begun to be aware that Department of Homeland Security is not leaving any stone unturned and are really tightening security. Its different to actually lead a life in such circumstances and find it odd to be a part of this whole drama directed by some fools across the globe.