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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Independence day and a new name

Its the July 4th weekend, and that is Independence Day for America, this Monday, which means I have off (from work)! Well, if you are wondering, independence from whom, its Britain who had many American colonies, and to think of it, now they will do anything that America wants. Its festivities galore here and I am charting up plans of going around and stuff and enjoying in the festivities. It sure is going to be a great experience I am sure, and of course, with the Indian Independence Day not too far off, this sure is going to be a deja vu (!!) in sometime.

I wanted to share this awesome thing I have been seeing for over a month now. I travel by the train (CTA) to work and, when I am returning from office, after this particular station (Clark/Lake) and going towards (Washington), the stretch happens to be underground, by the way, there is the most stunning piece of advertising strategy I have ever seen. The ads work like a giant flip book. Remember, those books which had 100s of pages and images only slightly differing from each other and when the pages were flipped in quick succession, you could see a motion picture kinda happening. That's precisely the same concept. Only thing here, the pictures are stationary and they use the fact that you are zipping past in the train, so relatively, you are stationary and the pictures move before you. There are individual backlit pictures that look animated when the train blasts by, and sure is stunning. They ran the (Hummer) H3 ad so far and yesterday, I see that they are running the (Ford) Land Rover ad. Guess its something new, and the guys behind it are Submedia. Presumably it exists on the NYC subway system also. There is lot of media on this. In fact many of the people when they see it for the first time are so amazed and surprised, that the first thing they do, is look on the opposite side of the train to see if its something reflecting from that side, and I do find that very amusing! Well, anyways it sure is creativity at its best.

At work, I seemed to have acquired a new nickname. Well, after all the names I have got so far, this was another one to the list. Waiting to hear what it is? Well, its... The Alphabet Man. Yes, as weird as it may sound, its true. One of the engineers I work with (a real good friend of mine now), was astounded at my name (most Americans are anyways) and after some thought at it, decided; it had as many letters as the English alphabet (btw, my name in full has 27 letters), and started calling me hence. Ever since that, I am called like that in the lab (!!). I enjoy it along too, seems weird though. I am not sure what else names are in store for me as long as I am here! Also the follwing Monday, we are all having lunch with Brian Dundon, President and CEO of Philips-Advance, so its going to be some important time I guess and a good lunch, definitely ;)

I also started using Google Earth, the day it was realized and seems cool. There is a very good archive of some real good images and you should probably check it (here), especially the ones under India, and a few of them are clear as hell (you can see them in Google Maps and not necessarily have Google Earth, as its about 10 Mb).

We were watching Cats and Dogs on TV yesterday and it was so funny, but cheap funny I thought and also was watching Rat Race today...some shit. I also had heard quite a bit (as usual, 'coz of Khan movie) about Paheli, and I just downloaded a copy, gotta watch it sometime soon.