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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Dekalb trip

I am Dekalb for this weekend, as I have some work and also have to pick up some stuff. I also just got my hands on another NY album, which I did not have time to upload and do not think so, I will do so hence as well, but maybe just a couple of pictures I may upload here which may be worth seeing. (The trip blog is here)

What you see on the left could easily be mistaken for a site before a building is built, but in reality it is after a building has been destroyed. What I am talking about, is that, this is a shot of Ground Zero, where the WTC towers stood before, till a few years ago. Now you see what's left, and well fenced and a memorial totally, which still is under legal issues.
(click on pic for a larger image)

This is another picture which we took just outside Madison Square Garden, which is a sports and entertainment hub and the center for many sports broadcasts all over the world. (that's me and a friend standing outside Madison square)
(click on pic for a larger image)

I have been writing this post since Friday evening and now its late Sunday evening. Well I just got back from Dekalb and am pretty tired and have to sleep, but just thought I would complete this post finally. I had gone to a play with an American family who had invited me to watch it. The Secret Garden (ebook here) was what was being performed, and it sure was a great one to watch. It was a musical and lasted some 2 hours and the initial part of the play was set in colonial India, so the family wanted me to come and see how the Indian parts were being played/potrayed. I thought it was pretty well done and I also got to meet backstage the people who donned the Indian costume and they seemed to be amazed, a person actually from India watched it and were thrilled to hear what I had to say!

Then was dropped off to Geneva and I took the (Metra) train to Chicago and just got here sometime back. I can't remember anything else interesting to mention now. The weather is killing me still and is so hot still here. Just watched Requiem for a Dream over the weekend and was another awesome movie I have ever seen.

We (all the interns) had lunch with the CEO and the VPs of Philips (North America) and was a great experience. Got to meet and interact with most of them and was a nice luncheon, last Monday. Also the Ashes is due to start in about 4 days time and I am sorta looking forward to it. Will maybe try to write later this week for a change.