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Sunday, June 26, 2005


Ok, this weekend is almost over and I can't wait to get back to work (!!) tomorrow. The temperatures are fricking soaring like mad here and I can't seem to take it too much further. Its almost 4-5 degrees (C) more than Bangalore and on the midnight of Friday, it was 35 C!! Its so so hot in here and burning all the time. We could not seem to sleep, so of all things, we decided to go cycling. So we (me and roomie) took the cycles and just went cycling around town; alleys and main streets, the former scary 'coz we could get mugged, the latter scary 'coz we could get run over by these cars or trucks!! Anyways it sure was good fun and we got back close to 1 am and then decided to sleep. With the heat, it really was not possible, in fact even while we were cycling around like after midnight, all the restaurants and bars were just getting fuller and almost everyone in town was out that night at that hour, which is now earthly I realize in this country. Came back and saw Fight Club, nice way to end the day, to sleep at some 0330 hrs on early Sat morning.

Also have been hearing a few friends of mine (not just 1 or 2), getting married soon....wo! Are there any I did not hear? Please let me know. (Do not worry, I sure am not).

With the days becoming hotter and hotter day after day, the girls here are following suit, and no one really wants to seem to wear any more clothes (lol). Well.... (?!)

Taste of Chicago just started yesterday and we thought we will check it out today evening. Seems pretty cool. Otherwise its the same here, I am trying my hand at more and more new dishes (level 2, you could say!), and most of them are coming through successfully. Level 3 is still a far way off and most of the dishes I am talking about are like weird combinations, something I would never ever think of making and eating..like spinach and carrot and pickle fried and some 'secret' ingredients added to make it a gravy!

Just rushing off, so nothing really interesting any further. (ya, my movie collection is growing exponentially, and so is my watching though linearly!).