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Sunday, June 19, 2005

work (not mine..for a change)

Well, another weekend at my disposal and haven't done too much. Wanted to catch up on a lot of sleep, but never did. Yesterday, we had gone to see Batman Begins, which seems to have got some great reviews and currently is ranked #64 in the Top 250 movies of all time according to voters, which seems a bit far fetched, but nevertheless was a decent movie. Katie Holmes looked real cute in the movie I thought and after her recent high profile media attention (engagement to Tom Cruise), she sure is going to get a lot more offers I presume and make waves. In fact speaking of this media attention, on Friday evening it was all over TV for almost a couple of hours and the entire unfoldings in Paris, France were being telecast and was pretty amusing. Celebrity weddings always makes a lot of headlines, man!

Simultaneously, I was watching on ABC, about how goods (clothes, etc), are made overseas and then sold here. So a couple of Americans had gone to Bangladesh, to one of the numerous factories there and by means of hidden cameras, filmed life out there. People almost consistently working 2-3 hours overtime and not getting paid extra at all. In most cases, working conditions being so deplorable, it made me seriously sit up and watch. In a life where I am not too sarisfied and complain of slow download speeds, bad phone quality and lack of space on my HDD, its sad, to really see stuff like this. Well, going on, they actually brought one of those ladies who was working there, to America. She had dropped out of school in 1st grade and I am sure she never would have heard of America, but anyways, they brought her to Walmart and she saw the same trousers she made back in Bangladesh and was surprised/happy/overwhelmed to see 'her product' (some Starter trousers) here in Walmart in America. Well, she was told how much it sells for and she broke down big time after a initial shock response, as it costed how much she earns in 2 weeks! She said she was in so deploarble conditions and would be well served to support her family if only she had a better deal. That's the hard truth, I am paying for a trouser maybe 100 times the cost she takes to make it, but unfortunately, the money is not compensated to her in the right deal. In fact, they also showed, that Walmart was contacted with this video and asked if they would care to sell this at a higher price, so it may help this lady, but they declined to comment and also turned down a talk/interview over the issue. They of course advertise a lot of their Walmart Foundation, which I am sure is a very noble and great cause, I can't complain. It was really terrible to see a program like that and I certainly did relate to it, and making comparions of work ethics and styles here, man, it was a shocker. Well, you have people here in any job, the minute it strikes say 5, just get up and leave and when I did ask a couple of them why so, as sometimes they are bang in the middle of something, and all they reply is "If they paid me time and a half (overtime), I will work beyond 5". That's how it is here and of course with legal and government ramifications related to work abuse and ethics, you can approach your employer with audacity. Its some time before work conditions are made sane atleast, in many places. Heart rendering truly.

On an another note, I have noticed my readership is falling, and maybe its a case of familiarity breeds contempt. Hmm.....