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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Crossword revived and a special album

Another week has gone by and the weekend probably will go before I even feel it. I am getting more and more settled and involved in work now and also maybe beginning to enjoy it more as well I guess, for a 'variety of reasons', which again is unimportant here.

To start of, I have started doing The Hindu crossword (probably the only thing that kept us alive in some of the most boring classes back in RV!) after a long time and it sure seems like old times again, when you crack a few clues. Well, I have close to an hour on the train to work, one way, so the ride is now constructively used. For those who care, I couldn't help giving some killer clues out here which I managed to crack over the last week or so, and see if you can crack 'em yourself, (Answers at the end of the post....So don't peek)

1)Mark ballot paper, express oneself clearly (3,6)
2)Former partner, stressed about drip that is comprehensive (9)
3)Tired, right in the early morning (5)
4)Reverse the record of arrears of work (7)
5)The requirement they say, is, to prepare the dough (5)
6)Make music and soothe (7)
7)To ring up America about nothing is insensitive (7)

Well, I am sure if (for those of) you haven't done crosswords in a while as well, it seems like old times and something to do. Trust me, if you have time, go back, now I realize how important doing it back then seemed! Yes, I print the crossword and it is like 2 sheets (which kinda sucks) and take it with me, but nothing like the newspaper cutting itself. At office, anyways I am printing these crosswords when I have time and catching back old practices. Maybe, I am getting too involved now in this talk...

Here, the heat is getting unbearable, I can't seem to take it (well, you may be saying 'Wait till you get back here and then talk about the temperatures'), and its fricking burning. Cannot seem to sleep at night, always sticky, and like an oven here. In 2 months time, its going to be cooling down and in 5-6, its going to be cooled down more than we would ever like...shitty!!

I also followed up that D A Pandu died, well it was big news I guess back there. On the political front, there seems to be a lot of drama happening as well, I see, with the Advani issue. Hmm...Its time we got our priorities sorted I think, which has been the call for a long time. Why, I am saying this, almost everything shipped to my company is from China or Mexico. To talk about electronics and Walmart and fireworks (which by the way, I saw a package today in a local store) is from China. We always seemed to be calling and comparing China as our competitor, but I presume its stops only in population (which also they are ahead, but which is not the concern). Even, yesterday, I was reading a very interesting article, (slashdotted) about how the a laptop is born and travels when ordered. It made interesting reading and guess where its all done... China of course. So, its some time before we can actually start pulling forward and making a mark. We seem to have the intellect, but neither the direction nor the initiative to take it upon us and release our hands from the brakes on the wagon wheel. Well, its sad, but lets hope to see more Indian products soon, say in Walmart.

Also, I have decided to go ahead and upload my workplace album, something I had mentioned in a previous post. Its a nice collection with some great pics thrown in... Well, you can see it here, and any comments, I think should not go public, so as far as possible, email me personally ;)

Still living in Chicago and plan to go down to Dekalb, some weekend, may have to get some stuff I forgot. Apart from that, worklife is still on; getting up early still a big problem!

Answers to the Crossword clues
2)EXTENSIVE (brilliant one!)
5)KNEAD (this was awesome!)

I hope you managed to form the connection between the clues and the answers even if you did not crack the clues. If I do come across some more nice ones, I shall post. Do share any, if you have.. Crosswords rock!