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Monday, May 30, 2005

Work, photos and dilemma

I am in Chicago, having joined work and have just completed my first week there. Work as such is good, nothing to complain about and all seems well; well the only hassle is getting up everyday at 0530 hrs, Monday through Friday.

Its Memorial Day today and hence I have off, a much needed one at that. Of course workwise I am on the bench most of the time..(well, not the on the bench kind that Infy people or the context we all used back home...seriously, no offence to anyone intended) and to put it in a nutshell its like full day labwork (testing, design validation and documentation). I do not want to write too much so soon, about everything, as there are policies and stuff which I am sure all of you also are bound by if you work and more so in the wake of bloggers fired from work!! (lol) Of course the most famous ones being Ellen Simonetti and Mark Jen.

Well, apart from that , I have completed hosting the snaps from our New York trip and you can find them below here. In case you care, all images have been normalized to a resolution of 800*600 and that was the cheapest in terms of space and time I could get. I Hope you can see the images clearly.


There is also another album (with some of my 'friends' at workplace) and am sure you may want to see them ;). I wasn't sure yet whether I should upload them, but have done so, but still not sure whether I should publicize it. When I do become sure, I shall make it known and send you the link. Now that I am working, I will probably be able to post only the weekends, as I am back home close to 1845 hrs and have not much time on my hands. That's it, I am outta here.