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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Finals week

Was thinking of posting yesterday, but did not have too much time and more importantly the mood to do so. I had an exam (ELE498/598, Digital Communication Signal Processing) yesterday, and you know how I must have done(!), so the least said the better. We had to also submit our project last week and after all was done, we also posted it on the project website. Not very great results though, but nevertheless. So it was one block out of the way, and I still have another project in Robotics and a couple of finals this week after which I am about halfway 'Master'. I also had a presentation done last week, not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but it was on Search Engines, and it went on pretty well. I was told though I was too fast and people did have a tough time following some parts. Well, 15 minutes was never enough to do any presentation. Will probably post the presentation online as well after I do a major overhaul of my webpage, which at the moment sucks big time!!

Also finished my last recordings and dubbings I had left, as yesterday, I was there in the Recording Studio at the School of Music for almost 4 hours finishing all pending work.

Also we are planning a roadtrip (flying seems very expensive) to goto New Jersey/New York, during the coming weekend, right after our finals, as its probably the last time we roomies are going to be together. I start my intern work on May 23 and shall not be back here in Dekalb, until 3 months hence. In the meantime, one of my roommates would have graduated and moved on. So we plan to hit the road about sometime Saturday evening, right after I complete my duties as a 'student marshal' at this year's graduation as well and as I did write earlier, its going to be relayed live on the web (link will be active probably on Friday)[URL]. I will be carrying the Graduate School Flag this time around, and shall handout the diploma covers to the graduate students who are done (wonder when I will be there, as a graduating student though....). This roadtrip of ours had been planned for Friday after I had decided to ditch my duties as the marshal, but I ran into some rough weather regarding that, so we had to reschedule the trip. We will be back on Tuesday late evening,a s it is about a 13 hour drive from my place, so a whole day for travel. That gives me about 3 days to get my shit together, before I move to Chicago (staying at my friend, Hareesh's place, as he is not going to be available this summer) and pretty much work and live there for a while.

Its not until the end of this week, I will be free enough to post again, and maybe just before I leave. Also, haven't really heard from most of you about what's been tormenting or pleasing in your lives; for a while.