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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Finally done for this semester

The exams are finally over and about how I did on them, is not a matter of concern right now as we are just heading out to NJ this evening. In fact I know this is late to tell you, but anyways, remember I told you guys that I am the student marshal at this year's graduation ceremony as well. Its happening in about an hour's time (1330 hrs CST) and is being webcast live here. I am carrying the graduate school flag and shall lead everybody associated with the College of Engineering and the College of Business. Right after that about 1630 hrs today, we are off on the 13 hour drive. Plan to meet Ridham (one of my college friends, who is in NY at the moment).

Anyways I also worked for the last time at the Huskie Telefund (my on campus job) yesterday and actually did not have to go there though. I just went there to say goodbye to my 'supervisors' all of whom are much more than that. I have some really snazzy snaps which I shall upload later at my discretion, not sure if I want to upload all of them!! I surely shall miss those girls.. (lol)

Apart from that I am tied up from now on and this week is going to be real busy as well. We are back from our trip on Tuesday evening and I am leaving on Saturday to Chicago, as I start work on Monday. Its been a long semester, but ironically time went real fast and her now I am, after having (hopefully) reached half way stage of my Masters'. As I see it now, I am looking to graduate by Spring '06 though I do not want to make any over zealous predictions. Yeah, still downloading all those movies (think I have reached 90 now) but unfortunately still not much time to sit and watch. Hareesh (friend in UIC) had come down to Dekalb yesterday and stayed over last night at my place. Just chilled out a bit.

Yup, that's about it. Will get back after my trip to rant about it and my grades as well, which would have been out by then.