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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Just the same things...

Well, another long (welcome??!) break for you guys from not reading my inane writings, but I am back again to post. Its been an another long week and busy as usual and shall be so over the next 15 days. Lots of things going on. A couple of my projects are almost ready and closing in on my other project. In fact today I was going to meet my project partners in HSC, I was walking down the road and two (American) freaks in a car, coming from behind, just put their head out and screamed at me for any reason whatsoever, something I cannot put in here. I of course showed my finger high and dry and they anyways ripped off. wtf ?

I also have a presentation which I am working on and I am doing it on Search Engine algorithms and this is for the course Pattern Recognition which I am doing it this Thursday. Its really cool and I am kinda almost done, and maybe shall post it online if any of you are interested. It covers a lot about Google, (of course) and a few other search algorithms, though definitely these are secret and copyright stuff, so I am actually talking about the parameters they use and the future of the search industry.

I do not want to get too technical into this. Apart from this, I have a couple of finals to work on and also the last few assignments to turn in which have been going on over the last few days. So all in all, have just been occupied.

In the meanwhile, my recording has been going great guns and I got a couple of extra shifts last week and having a ball doing the job. I just love it now and can handle recording, editing and dubbing adeptly now. Not yet a pro to work on big consoles which have 10-20 line outputs, as I can handle so far only about 6 line outs, but guess its shouldn't be too difficult to get a hold of.

Have also been hooked to Yahoo pool of late and so play when I do not have work (not totally true!!). In fact play when I have work also and the other thing to distract is Stickcricket. Such things sure screw up my time, but sometimes, cant handle too much work.

The other thing that happened last week, was that I got a call from Philips, North America to intern with them for this summer. I had posted earlier, saying I had gone somewhere today, which I will tell you later about, well it was to interview with them, near Chicago. I was thinking about courses and work and what not for this summer, but with this now, I have to rethink everything including my graduation. Working on a lot of things, hence shall post later.