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Friday, April 29, 2005

a couple of headlines

Just writing in to let you know, that my
old blog and all previous posts are finally back, but of course I shall continue to live here though.

Also, shall elaborate later, but I just signed up and am a student marshal at his summer graduation as well, slated to happen on May 14, 2005. I had done this earlier as well during last Fall graduation and had written about it long back. This time also, it is going to be relayed live on the web. No, you do not have to see it, but just told you.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Just the same things...

Well, another long (welcome??!) break for you guys from not reading my inane writings, but I am back again to post. Its been an another long week and busy as usual and shall be so over the next 15 days. Lots of things going on. A couple of my projects are almost ready and closing in on my other project. In fact today I was going to meet my project partners in HSC, I was walking down the road and two (American) freaks in a car, coming from behind, just put their head out and screamed at me for any reason whatsoever, something I cannot put in here. I of course showed my finger high and dry and they anyways ripped off. wtf ?

I also have a presentation which I am working on and I am doing it on Search Engine algorithms and this is for the course Pattern Recognition which I am doing it this Thursday. Its really cool and I am kinda almost done, and maybe shall post it online if any of you are interested. It covers a lot about Google, (of course) and a few other search algorithms, though definitely these are secret and copyright stuff, so I am actually talking about the parameters they use and the future of the search industry.

I do not want to get too technical into this. Apart from this, I have a couple of finals to work on and also the last few assignments to turn in which have been going on over the last few days. So all in all, have just been occupied.

In the meanwhile, my recording has been going great guns and I got a couple of extra shifts last week and having a ball doing the job. I just love it now and can handle recording, editing and dubbing adeptly now. Not yet a pro to work on big consoles which have 10-20 line outputs, as I can handle so far only about 6 line outs, but guess its shouldn't be too difficult to get a hold of.

Have also been hooked to Yahoo pool of late and so play when I do not have work (not totally true!!). In fact play when I have work also and the other thing to distract is Stickcricket. Such things sure screw up my time, but sometimes, cant handle too much work.

The other thing that happened last week, was that I got a call from Philips, North America to intern with them for this summer. I had posted earlier, saying I had gone somewhere today, which I will tell you later about, well it was to interview with them, near Chicago. I was thinking about courses and work and what not for this summer, but with this now, I have to rethink everything including my graduation. Working on a lot of things, hence shall post later.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Better weather and worse times

Have officially embraced spring and left winter far behind, doesn't it feel wonderful!!

It's been longer than usual between posts, but my semester has got so very busy, that I there is not time at all. I mean I have been saying that all the time, but now its even worse. In the next 15 days, I have 3 projects and 1 presentation apart from the 3 exams (finals) I will have! Not like I have a big headway in any of the projects and days though they just got longer about 15 days back, when we all turned our clocks 1 hour ahead to make up for DST, the time is still way short. I have too much work to do.

Things to catch up on, I had done the most important recording of my life, last week and recorded for the Vermeer Quartet, who are legendary today in the music world and have been associated with my university for the last 30 odd years. It sure was an honor for me to record this performance though I was not aware of this shift until a day before. If I screwed up, basically I would have been screwed. It was something for record and I was making 2 backups and 2 masters. This time we have started recording on a new machine which I talked about last time, saying its all new, but it is the most comfy recording system I have worked on so far. Its an Alesis MasterLink digital recorder with about 30 hrs of recording capacity directly on its HDD. Its so simple to work with and also backup anyways on DAT on a Sony DAT recorder. It has been a great experience for me working in the School of Music this semester.

At the end of the week, we had our IEEE networking social, and I was the emcee (it means..) at the event at Eduardo's, a Mexican restaurant in downtown Dekalb. We had the Dean of the College of Engineering coming in and he seemed very proactive and he was talking on a very casual basis with me. The whole event was decent, food sucked big time and one of the main reasons why I also was there was defeated! We had alums, faculty and industry people (from Motorola, Hamilton Sundstrand, Packet Video, etc) along with of course students and IEEE officers. We had a few talks and just a casual time out there.

That's all I have to say in this short post and am kinda hard pressed for time. Job sucks big time (the Telefund, yes the same place which was a glory some time back is like my nemesis now), as I am not doing that great and also its getting very monotonous and boring.

Shall keep you posted at the end of the this week, and not earlier.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

semester closing in and work piling out

Wo!! Its been a hellish week so far and the upcoming one seems even more loaded. First I had a problem with my HDD and it kinda crashed I think. For about half a day, it was not even being detected and I freaked out almost, then got it to work somehow and after that, there was a problem booting. So I had to format my drive and lost all info, and of course about 4-5 movies and a couple of documentaries I had downloaded. This by the way was not something I felt too much about. It sure was frustrating. On top of all that, once I got it back on track a little, I realized as I was sifting through a few things, I had forgotten the password to this blog. The 'forgot password' thingy was not very helpful and I was no getting help from it as they (Blogger) are supposed to send you a recovery email which I was never receiving at all. Finally it worked after a day and now I recovered both laptop and password back. I also arranged for it to be checked back at the (California) facility during the next week, so I will be cut off (from my computer, which I can't even think of living without!!) for the next week.

I have just so much work, that I can't really think of what to start first. I have a test on Tuesday and an assignment due on Monday and a presentation later in the week. Also I have the networking social of the IEEE coming up this Friday and I have to emcee it. It is going to be held at a Mexican restaurant in downtown Dekalb, and the food is going to be Mexican as well. Its going to be a combine of activities and talks and food (of course) with industry people, alumni and students. Its going to be a good time I guess, and more so to end this dreadful last 15 days in such a way will be great.

I also just help raise close to $6000 in the Huskie Telefund for my university and hence I feel good about that, but of course, if only they gave me like 10%... I have precisely 3 weeks to go before I finish yet another semester which by the way, went by before I could comprehend it. I haven't thought too much about my plans for the summer semester. Would like to take a couple of courses (in fact looking at Spanish and tennis also!). Still have time to decide though, and more importantly, have to get through this semester successfully first.

I had to go out somewhere during the day (which I will explain later about) and was back like 1930 hrs and right after that I had to go to my American host family's place back today as they had something going on and they had invited me over. I played this awesome game called Scattergories (a word game) and sure wonder why we in India never played such games too much. It was an amazing game and by the time I actually got back home it was almost half hour into the 3rd ODI, which by the way is going on even as I am writing. Its like 0207 hrs of Saturday morning and I have work lined up.

That's all I can think of now I guess and also tomorrow I have a recording to goto which by the way is going to be the most challenging so far as a lot of equipment have failed in the recent past and we have to use new systems and new procedures which I haven't got trained yet due to lack of time and I have to be up to the task and face the music as always...