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Saturday, March 26, 2005

motley of things

Have just got off from a late sleep after following the 3rd day's play of the 3rd test of this closely fought Ind-Pak test series, only to know that India ended at 379/6. umm..In fact I was not able to watch anything at all yesterday as we actually haven't been totally legal, so cannot unduly complain. It also sure has been a long week and ironically it has been a fast one as well, never knew when it started or how it passed, as has been the case most of the times. I also had written a software proficiency test for the ITS (Information Technology Services) at my university to work in the computer labs as a lab attendant and just got confirmation that I passed the test. So I may get an opportunity to try a new job in the next semester, just as has been so far.

I was also just reading this article on rediff which talks about India's potential. Makes fascinating reading and think about what we are a part of but hardly stop to think about and always caught up in some other wordly muddle. On the other side, I also came across this portal, where this concept of 'speed dating' in India is slowly catching up and this company AsianSpeedD8 (though setup in 2003) has brought this in. You should check its website in case you were interested (only in Bombay now, though) or just to read about it. It's kinda funny and cool at the same time. It comes with a price tag of course, like Rs.1500, which I think is not a big deal with most of you people back home. Interesting venture, and do let me know (I will maintain confidentiality of identity if you desire) if any one of you decide to try it out.

The last week of course has been a lot of drama here in the United States, with yet another school shooting in Minnesota and of course the intriguing debate and lot of news on whether to keep Terri Schiavo alive artificially. As of today, she seems to be counting her last few hours till death as the debate rages on. I never did really follow it, but you know some news you cannot really be out of, as its everywhere, contrary to cricket which seems to be nowhere here and yet I am so keenly following it.

Culinary skills
To get this degree, I have started taking new courses and seem to be doing my homework well. I have started to make variegated dishes and not the same trend of a sambhar or dal or rasam. I am beginning to start appreciating cooking, and to realize it took me about half a year. Still a long way before I can open a restaurant here but then again, its something I have not totally ruled out. Anyone knows its a 100% profit business anywhere in the world. No sure if its coincidence, but roomies seem to be doing well and the last few days have been some good food to look forward to.

Umm.. still stressing most of the times at the Telefund, but I just keep it going, as it pays me and I need the money. Just a quick run down, I am in the top 2% in the 100 workforce for this semester even as I struggle to work 3 shifts (most of them do like all week). Its good to see your name up there, but after all it boils down to courses, assignments and jobs. I have not had a recording shift in a while, but have 3 coming up on April 9, 13 and 21. So I have to face the music again (literally though).

Just bought off a joystick, 'coz it was cheap and was a great deal, like half price of what was listed. Still looking for a surround speaker system and a webcam and a digicam. Getting too spendthrifty? Not a chance.. I can handle exactly what I am thinking. Over the last couple of weeks, I found time to watch 2 movies, Rashomon (made by the master, Akira Kurosawa) and Donnie Darko. Not comparable movies, but both good in their own ways. Will catch up on a few more sometime soon.

As tomorrow is Easter, I do not have to goto work, which means I get more time to work on assignments, hopefully I use all of it!!