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Saturday, March 19, 2005

more cricket and a little introspection

This has been a cold and rainy (no idea where that came from) day and more soberly I just got back from yet another Saturday class. Even as I am writing this, I am watching the 2nd Test between Ind and Pak by the adjacent window (of course I did that in India as well, when I did not have cable, but that was a real window, looking into the neighbour's house!) Words have come to mean a long way in today's world. We actually had a test today and I really don't want to get into the (gory?!) details. Spring break is technically not over, but we still had the class anyways. During the lunch break, we could not have food inside the campus there as the cafeteria was closed for break, and we went out to eat at Bouna Beef. No, I can assure you that I didn't eat what you are thinking (and what the name might suggest). Was real good food though, I did enjoy my lunch. Coming back to class, wasn't all that great as classes have been over the past few weeks. I was sleepy and no amount of root beer (that is my staple drink here now, though nothing to do with beer).

This might seem very abrupt, but Inzamam has just got bowled by Kumble as I am writing and before I can finish this sentence, Taufeeq Umar has just got caught in the slips of Balaji. I know this might seem very weird that I am even writing all this here, but yes, I am very excited about the match today. In fact, I had said that we did not pay for this match to watch, but who cares, the feed worked!!

Its been a roller coaster 7 months for me, so far here, and I have settled in and also beginning to feel the burn out. I am not saying I am calling it quits and look to turn back, but its probably the toughest phase I have been through. I still have mountains of work to get back to and haven't lost sight of it.

In the meanwhile I came across that an Indian (by roots) won the USA National Memory Championship. Know what do you need to do to be there and win, check it here, well it does not seem very easy (probably an understatement) Really neat article though.

Just an incident to round it off. My buddy (here) has a pal working in the construction business, at the lowest of lowest positions, something like the painter's subordinate. Why I am telling you this was that while I was driving back from class today, we were actually talking about some of the world's richest people and as usual feeling like losers and how to make money and not go through the shitty school and education and all that crap instead of concentrating on our lives and the job at hand. It was then, my buddy told me about how some people don't' give a shit about money and all that we chase in life. So he told me about that painter's sub guy who one day was riding on an elevator in California with Slash (now for the music fans, you know who), the former guitarist of GNR. Yes, he was riding in the elevator with Slash by his side and Slash saw this guy staring at him, and asked with a smirk "What you looking at man, want my autograph?" This guy says "Fuck no; you want mine?" I am sure Slash had ever heard something like that and was of course was taken aback, and so was I when I heard this. The point he was trying to make was that, there are so many people in this world that do not give a damn for anything and more than happy with their lives and live it to the fullest content, unlike most others who keep chasing things we may never achieve at all. Just makes me wonder...