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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Just back from the (my university) recreation center (which by the way I have been trying to be regular about over the last month). I worked out a bit (ya!!) and also played (ping-pong) for a while. Generally I catch up on tennis, but the courts are so full in the evenings, there is no other choice. Its always me and my room mate who go like 2-3 times a week. I am surprised at how time was available, but if you want, you will get it.

I had actually been to the Aurora train station earlier in the afternoon today as my friend had to pick someone and I had never seen it before. Not that anything special about it, but wanted to see it. Was kinda small and real neat as well. Nothing like our train stations we have come to see so often back home. The Metra rail service runs all day/night long connecting the Aurora-Chicago stretch. Then after that all of us were so hungry, that we decided to eat in a Chinese restaurant. Going very hungry to a restaurant can be the worst thing to do, as I ate so much and even now after like 6 hours I am still so full and almost do not plan to eat dinner. Got back home like 1630 hrs and then decided to goto the rec on top! So have got back and just started making dinner (my turn today again, btw, making coconut rice).

Just back after finishing the dinner (making), and eating it will be after a while, as I am still full.

The weather
Oh, I almost forgot in all this brouhaha, the weather, yes, once again, I am bringing it up, as weird as it may seem for you, but I am seeing probably the best weather in over 6 months, and the temperature is over 10 C more than what was a week back, and for the first time I am able to go out without a sweater or a jacket or a hoodie. It is only now that I am appreciating seasons and weather in general. Like almost never we cared for how hot or how cold the day is going to be before we left home for work or school. I never did, like check temperature when I left home till last August!

Cricket sucked big time during the 3rd test in Bangalore which I was again following it keenly till the last day, though finally I was held up and could not watch the last couple of days in the test, which anyways were the worst days. Of course, I am still game for the ODIs and keenly looking forward to it, and am assured of watching the 1st 5 games, as I have paid for the same, albeit a miserly sum. In the same regard, as much as a Ind-Pak series is generating so much interest and more importantly revenue, the Women's World Cup is going on in South Africa and in fact they have such low interest levels, that free tickets are being offered to come and see all matches (except the final). Wo, what a way to advertise to come and watch the World Cup, wish it ever happened with men's cricket World Cup as well!!

One of my submissions got accepted in Slashdot last week, and the story itself is something to read about. As usual Slashdot, Red Herring and Wired news keep me occupied a lot these days. I also came across the Japanese venture of Slashdot and also the Spanish venture.

I also just completed playing Call of Duty, absolutely brilliant!! Next in line is Far Cry, Medal of Honor-Pacific Assault and a couple of others which I had asked my roomie to buy from India when he went last December.

I again have some work to catch up on, like assignments and MATLAB. I also have my offcampus class this Saturday and by then the first ODI will also be over. So I will have a few things to write about.