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Saturday, March 05, 2005

facing the music everywhere

Been a while, but I am sure by now, you already know what I am going to say - I was dead busy. Probably doesn't make sense anymore I guess, if I said I am busy. I presume you all are as much as I am, but only that I write about it! I have been tied up in a few things here and it isn't too much different from what I am have been writing about. The test and the assignments are following on top of each other regularly.

I am just back from my off-campus course at Naperville. I was up today like 6 AM, that IS early in this cold, trust me. I had get the printouts and stuff regarding the assignment to be submitted (which at the end of the day I never did) from the Department, and in the meanwhile my friend would have picked up 2 others going to the class and then we rendezvous at the marked point to tango. All done and we left like 8 AM, was well in time for the class, though the prof came late today. Somehow always this class, even though of its length, is probably one of the best I have taken. I mean the prof makes it so interesting and stuff, and talks so philosophical in the class, that makes it all the more intriguing. I mean we were learning about all pole filters and stuff last class and he talked about sine wave having 2 poles always due to nature being symmetrical by property. Today when he was talking about harmonics and there was a DC component, and he postulated that DC is itself imaginary. Said it cannot exist in nature actually, as the DC components never exist at positive and negative frequencies, as simply they do not have a frequency. So DC is only a way for us to explain things and actually no such DC is there. Umm..a different point of view. By the way, cellphones have become a necessity from a luxury now, so all of us, just want better and better ones with more functionality and looks. The underlying concept of how the voice is sent over the 2 speakers is what we have been overly obsessed with for a while and it is damn neat to know that there is so much happening when all we care is what we talk. I mean, I am beginning to get a feel of what exactly the phone is doing when we speak into it and how our voice is recreated at the other end. In fact put in simple words, the phone actually predicts and reforms our voice frequencies at the other end. Neat shit, I am beginning to really like it a lot.

Not that I wanted to get techie and teach you. There are far too many universities offering an online degree these days and I do not want to add (lol). Also we have a few things coming up this week before we break off for Spring break. Really looking forward to that now, also may get a trip out of Illinois for 2-3 days, will write about it later if anything. We had our 2nd officers meeting of IEEE on Thursday, pretty much to catch up on what to do this semester. We have a talk this Thursday and I am giving an intro for the seminar. There is our annual Networking Social next month, which is going to be a cool thing. Lots of food, lots of alums, lots of people form the industry and a chance for networking and jobs, maybe..

Our broadband phone is up and running and is way better than our previous service. No more need to worry about minutes and stuff and can call when I want where we want (US and Canada). Nothing else, also have another recording assignment coming up on Wednesday and Friday. Speaking of music recording, I was called up last week for an emergency recording of a faculty performance. This prof, had developed his new composition, and wanted to test it out and get it recorded. So in trooped like 60 people, including, an Indian on the Tabla, and the prof himself on the Guitar. There was a confluence of harps, trombones, voila, bassoon, oboe, flute, drums and I think like a xylophone as well. Well, there was no audience or such and he was playing in front of a couple of people from the Art Institute of Chicago to evaluate and critique it. I had to get recording done on a Yamaha MX-150 mixer, never seen this shit before and boy it was the worst day of my recording in terms of setup and stuff. Firstly they never give us the keys to any place and they expect us to use the resources and the rooms and what all shit. It was crappy, needed so many wires and equipment and access to rooms for setup and stuff, as this was in the concert hall and not in the recital hall, where generally I record and sure was really screwed. To add insult to injury, this was a very important recording and no one was around to assist. They had a recording guy (professional), but he needs to know where the consoles and the equipment are to setup and so do I!! We have never been told, never been trained in these stuff and they expect us to do at a moment's notice. Barring all that, the concert itself was stunning, and lasted like a couple of hours.

I am tied up once again till like Thursday and shall write after that again. As a passing thought the weather is getting better here though.