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Sunday, March 13, 2005

crickets' hot and vegas' not

Up and running again. My spring break has just started and will not get back to school till the next Monday. It seems like a good break, but I can already feel the time is not sufficient to just catch up on assignments and projects. So at the end of it all, may seem nothing more like a little extended weekend.

Just to let you guys know, that I had planned a trip to Vegas. Yes, you heard it right, Vegas. My Pak friend, his girlfriend, and 2 other Americans. Ya, not with my roomies, but with locals. It was planned for a 2 night-3 day trip, and I was ready to go there and get a few things done (lol). Before you begin to make assumptions, the trip itself was not to be. At the last moment, the two Americans dropped out, due to personal reasons. The trip was still open and I had to make a call, but the expenses per head had escalated a bit and to consider, how I would spend there, I decided against it and negated the proposition. A good opportunity gone, but cost-benefit ratio was not worth it. So I am still here, in flesh and blood and just doing what I would do any other day. The university is itself a bit dead, as most of them have gone back home or on break to like Florida, California, etc. I have to resign to the fact that those grapes are sour!

Ind-Pak cricket
Fine, Vegas didn't happen, but cricket sure is hot!! After a few weeks of intense research and even beseeching a few friends back home to actually run a webcam faced towards their TV and relay on the web, so I could watch the cricket, I finally did see the 1st Test match. Almost till the last 2 days, there was no news of who would telecast matches in North America. In the end, Willow TV, bagged the rights for live webcast of the matches, but strangely they say,
Available in high quality live streaming video for the worldwide audience (except residents in North America and the Caribbean)

That is very weird, considering that they charge you in USD only. They also say broadband should be available and considering the number of people who have that here, it is indeed very weird. We also checked out Dish Network, who actually seem to have a scheme of a free month's service, but you need to anyways buy the cricket package which is close to $300. Definitely not worth the thought even. We were still checking on the internet, and boy like a flash, came this site, which was offering Test matches and ODI's at $2 a day's play!! So in effect Tests are like $10 and ODIs are $2 apiece. That is lesser than pocket change, and cannot even get a decent meal for that. This was it. So me and my friend decided to buy it and were skeptical initially to commit to buying all the matches as we were not sure of quality or service. So we bought only the 1st Test, and boy, was it clear. Clear and neat as hell!! They were relaying it over broadband at about 300 Kbps, no problem. So I have not slept in the last 4 days. Watching the matches all night as it used to get done by like 5 AM (local time), and the sleep for a while. It helps, in the sense, the day is not wasted. The result of the match was shitty was another altogether different matter, but I never believed or even dreamt, I could be watching live cricket here in US. This is awesome. What sort of commentary was on, can they ever improve?
So after the 1st Day's play, I decided to buy the ODIs and then after the 1st Test, we thought we will buy the 2nd and the 3rd tests. I just bought the 5 ODIs and just checked after like 5 mins, and all the slots for all matches was gone! No more tests or ODIs for sale. We should have bought all before they ran out but atleast we have 5 ODIs. They sold off like within 24 hours after they put it up. Boy, still hoping they open more slots. There is also another portal which says they will show the matches, atleast the ODIs, and I hope they come out soon with their package so we can get the last ODI. It may seem all very weird, that I am writing so, but you can only know about cricket is such a scarce commodity here and all the desis will do anything to watch cricket here. Back home, DD will always show, whatever and however long there is a telecast dispute and its guaranteed for you back there and you take it for granted. Here, its neither, anyways, good that I can watch it albeit not all the matches.

Finally I decided to start watching a few movies I downloaded. Yesterday, I watched Rashomon, a neat movie by of course Akira Kurosawa. Had heard so much of the movie and finally saw it. Nice movie, catch it sometime. Talking of movies, my friend had sent me an article of a guy being the first to be convicted of downloading copyright movies and stuff, basically illegal downloading. It was an Indiatimes article, but his name is now very (in)famous and google brings almost 6000 pages regarding this. Scary shit, but you know, on careful perusal, the reason, was that this smart (sic) kid, was actually selling of his collection. Now why would anyone in their right mind do such an idiotic thing. Anyway he is now reaping the fruits of his labor.

I am still downloading and still collecting. Its about time I went to get ready for my job now and shall take off. Will keep you posted soon.