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Thursday, February 17, 2005

The week that was

Have been through another shitty week. I had said I may write in to tell you about what I cooked on Saturday, but as time went by, I had to cook today, and made Okra Sambar and Potato fry. The Saturday I had to cook, I actually went out with my (American) family, as they said they had some Valentine's dinner for all international students. It was kinda cool, never had been able to make it to a large outing like this over the entire last semester, though I had been called on numerous occasions, but somehow never found the time to do so. Anyway actually met up with a couple of old friends there whom I hadn't seen in a while. Good food though and had a decent time there for about a couple of hours. The place was about a 20 minute drive from my house and they had come to pick me up as well. Also they had a raffle for all international students there and gave away gifts and stuff. They had about 20 gifts for say like 30 people, and my name was called out 2nd. (By the way, the Americans are slowly getting to pronounce my name correctly!). Went up to the stage, lay my eyes on the biggest package that was there and slowly started clearing the whole stage, as this large package was below everything, and the audience was in splits seeing me do so. Not knowing what it was, I picked it up, a flat package, as tall as me. Got to know later, after unpacking of course, it was an (awesome) IKEA table.I use my laptop now on that, jus the perfect height and size. Really cool shit!! So after all that, I escaped cooking that Saturday, and my roomies ordered pizza home.

Sunday was not too different, as usual called home in the morning and got myself updated on what's been happening in the home and in general. Then of course had to goto work (Telefund) that afternoon. Made a little over 200 bucks (for the college of course), and was a decent day. There was an internship fair this Wednesday, so Monday and Tuesday was all preparing for it.

The Internship fair
Had about 80 odd companies some in and about 5 for my branch, but to be specific, there was none looking for signal processing or communications. Nevertheless, I slept a bit early the day before, like about midnight, as I had to be up like 7 the next day for the fair. The fair as such was at 10 AM, but I had volunteered to be at the employers receiving, that is escorting them and their stuff, to their tables and help them set up. No, not that I got paid for that, but just a way of networking beforehand itself and making an impression. We all have to transact with reality (my prof says that), and reality bites, so I have to work around it sometimes. Anyway was receiving the employers for over 2 hours, carrying their goods and boxes and trying to get my foot in the door. At about 10, shed my worker clothes, and put on the best suit I had (yes, you are not allowed into the room without that attire). Spoke to guys from Philips (but they had come looking for power electronics background, and that was something I hated big time in RV, sure many are gonna agree), Barry Wehmiller, Nicor, Mitsubishi Automation, Norlux and Borg Warner. Anyway was a decent experience and hopefully can hear from a couple soon. Who the F cares if the internship is not exactly what you want. After all beggars can't be choosers, so time is very important and time is money, so even if you have to spend both in the summer, the deal is the internship. So that is more important and wins hands down.

The Recording
That evening was one of my biggest recording assignments on 2 counts so far. One this was my first official recording in the recording room, that too without any of my supervisors or any help reachable that evening. The other big thing, was that I could not afford to screw this up, as two internationally acclaimed people (Greg Beyer on percussion instruments and Erin Lesser, a flutist). They were performing, Due East, and sure was one hell of an experience for me. It was a stunning performance and I enjoyed every minute of the 2 hours I was doing work there. In fact about an hour before the concert, I arrived there and went down to setup and fix the mikes. They were practicing in a empty hall just right in front of me and all I thought were they were just some students performing and even asked them to like move a chair and stuff so that I could fix the mike. As I settled in patching the cords and stuff and since this was a faculty recording assignment, I had to make a Beta copy in addition to the DAT copy I normally do. That day was really cold and by the time I made it back home like 10 PM, I was cold as hell and of course hungry as well. I almost forgot, after the internship fair in the morning, I had gone to my friend's place and he had to get something from a Junkyard, so we drove down there and first time I saw a Junkyard here. Huge, but was told this is one of the smallest ones around, but that was big big enough. Saw the car-crushing device and all cars numbered and smashed and abused. For the first time, do anything to a car here and not be reprimanded for it (haha). It was fricking so cold and windy that day and had no idea it would be so, that it was one of those days where I had a bad time again. Still haven't learnt too much I guess!

So weeks the rolling by and yet another one has almost come to an end. Now I have an official webpage where my school schedule and courses, etc are up. Hosted it on my university server and if interested you can check it here. That is pretty much it, and I have to get back to some serious assignments which have been pending. Have my midterm coming up soon and have to get myself in shape for that. Also just put a file with scanned docs from my work at the telefund here. Just put it to show the kind of money making every week and bonuses.