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Friday, February 11, 2005

too many things

A week has passed by after the Jazz Day which has been real tight. The nights this week have been spent in every other way apart from sleeping. Not real good I know, but I can't help it at this point. The courses have been getting intensive and assignments as usual are becoming more common and more importantly harder! Anyway, I have begun to expect it and that's what makes it even worse.

On the workfront, I had a sudden recording assignment which came up on Wednesday. Since I do not have classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I thought that I would have some extra time to sleep on the morning of Wednesday, but it was not to be. I was up like 0730 hrs, and I had to leave home like 0845 hrs. There was a women's chorus happening that day and as usual my supervisor, who by now must have become familiar among you people especially after reading the previous post, emailed some weird mail. So went in there like about 0900 hrs and had to do the mike setup and the patching of the all the cords and the setting up of the soundboard, as I was starting the recording, and the later shifts could just use the initial settings. This was a little different kind of recording, as they were recording directly to CD and hence there was no editing or DAT conversion to be done, which was cool. Now I have actually figured the concept well and is actually simple. Even you can comprehend,

(output) ----------> Mike -------> Mixer ---------> Recorder (CD/DAT)

Baby Cry room

So as you see, the flow diagram is very simple. Just to kill the curiosity if you are wondering what the "Baby Cry room" is all about, well it is another room adjacent to the recording room where if at all there is any crying babies and the like, then the parents or caretaker can be with the baby and still catch up with the performance. That is why from the Mixer there is an output tapped to the Cry room. Was all this necessary? Never mind, just put it up.

Weather suddenly for no reason went back to being cold and of course it sucks big time. Still waiting for better times. In the midst of all this I forgot to mention about the Superbowl. The (New England) Patriots prevailed over the (Philadelphia) Eagles and it sure was a great match to watch. One of the few channels we are getting on our TV, showed it and I caught every single minute of it. Michael Douglas was the first presenter and as usual there were the big honchos, like William Jefferson Clinton and George Walker Bush Sr. Then there was Will Smith and family and of course Sir Paul McCartney who actually performed at Halftime. Of course very well taking care that there was no slip up like last time (remember the Janet Jackson-Justin Timberlake episode, which was ridiculously termed as the wardrobe malfunction!). In fact I believe the songs which he performed were also carefully picked so that it does not create further national embarrassment. Triviality in the face of a good game and I couldn't care less. So sure the game was closely fought and the Patriots won 24-21 in the end to make it their third win in the last four years.

There was something else which happened personally in my (telefund) job. I was surprised when I was named 'Caller of the week' for the last week and this; and had my picture appear on the front page of the weekly newsletter, but more importantly gave me lots of hours as bonus, basically get paid for not working. I wanted to scan it and put it up, so you can see, but could not. Probably shall do so in the next post. Yeah, some thing to cheer about albeit small. I am sure most of you making waves in the corporate industry as well, which counts for much more than any of this. Keep the momentum and don't stem the rut.

Spring break is coming up in a couple of weeks time and will have about 10 days off. Haven't yet decided what to do though. A good break indeed from the rush. All concept of time and day have been merged and there seems to be no order in my life. A cleanliness freak I used to be, but my room is getting more and more crowded and messy with clothes and stuff all over. I try to set it once in a while, but before I can do it, its back to square 1. I just cleaned up my table the other day, threw away lots of paper and other stuff, and every now and then, I have to do it else the house is going to look like shit. Right now the room where I sleep (ya, I still do it sometimes) is all over the place with wires, cables, routers, laptops (all of us in the room have one now) and CDs and DVDs. When we need space, just push everything aside to make space and live. Funny, but still clean in a generic sense.

One of my friends sent one of the most awesome presentations I have seen in a long time and thought those who have not yet seen this, do so. Its basically an insight into how the media in 2014 would be. Plain brilliant, check it here.

Today was my turn to cook and that is getting boring by the day, but have to do it, it is the rule of the crib. Speaking of cooking, I found a resource which tells you exactly how to cut different vegetables and stuff. I mean like how the right and left hand should do the work. Not sure if I need it more than you, but I am most likely to disregard it and do it the way I do, but some of you who appreciate culinary skills way more than me may be interested to check it. Funny that I am even taking about this. I have started eating out a lot and this was one thing I did not want to fall into, but I am doing it shamelessly. Grabbing fast food and washing the buccal cavity with pop has become a bit too common with me as well. There is no dividing line between breakfast, lunch or dinner and more so when they are supposed to exercised.

Have to cook again this saturday, will probably write then about what I made.