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Friday, February 25, 2005

messed test and other stories

Had the first test (Digital Communication) of this semester and was it bad? I have begun to rely on a 'cheat sheet', that is a norm in some subjects and this test we could not take that help. So it was more studying than usual (haha) and had to do a lot of that. My performance on the test itself wasn't too great, but hopefully, the prof thinks otherwise! Got done with that yesterday, and sure is a big relief, not to mention I have another one (Pattern recognition) next Thursday and that following Saturday have another (Signal Processing in Telecommunication) before Spring break. Yes, the 10 day long break we get from March 10 I think. Hopefully I can see some of the movies I have downloaded finally!

Work is also getting a bit monotonous at the Telefund and sometimes its a bit boring. The supervisors at the place are real brilliant in every sense of the word, no seriously, really nice people of character, so sometimes that eggs me on to goto work. Environment is good, but work can get screwed sometimes. I have another recording assignment tomorrow and I am looking forward to that as well. Should get it done easily now, because of some know-how now.

Also we got our own internet connection yesterday. Had planned only for the internet, but when he was installing it here, we decided to might as well go in for cable connection for TV as well, as it costs a little less, if we had both services, like about $35 after tax for a month, when it would have actually cost us like $40 after tax without cable and only internet. Might sound weird, but yah, the more services you use, the cheaper it gets here. Anyway doesn't matter too much as this is going to be shared by like 5 people (we 4 in our house and 1 guy who lives in the apartment above us). Not too bad, for wireless and cable convenience, I presume.

This is the next biggest thing in America. See, broadband internet or high speed internet(HSI), was big and now having that base in a wide sense here, the next generation of implementation is coming around. That probably explains why USA has the maximum number of VoIP providers now, compared to other countries. Yes, VoIP, has been researched for a while, but now the players like Vonage, Lingo and SpeakEasy are competing. This was actually one of the reasons I pressed for getting our own internet connection, as we need a router to plug in the phone line. Anyway we have decided to go in for Vonage, and shall soon be getting it. Right now we are fricking paying like $62 for our Verizon landline every month for no shit. I mean, we cant; call outside the calling area, and just use some extra features like Voice mail and answering machine, this is fricking pissing big time and we did not realize until recently. Writing about this, is getting me in a real bad mood, and I fricking want to chop their ***** off.
Sorry about the flame up, I am cooling now, and thought I will delete the above two lines, but I think I will just leave it in there. So, we are getting the Vonage connection as I said, which is going to give us unlimited calling in US and Canada for a flat rate of $24.99 per month. It is awesome I think and cannot have anything better. There is also a loophole in this system, which I will not elaborate here, as it may be inappropriate, but all I will say is that, this modem can be taken to any country and hooked on to any HSI connection and calls to US and Canada are still unlimited free for the same plan. You get what I am getting at.... ? Will email you about the plan if you want, as Vonage also has some policies, perusal of it will make it clearer and I won't post them here.

Modern Marvels
That aside, I was just seeing on TV yesterday during the news (yes, we watch the news almost everyday), that probably;y Chicago is going to have the World's Tallest tower. It is called the Chicago Trump Tower, vision of Donald Trump (remember, 'The Apprentice'), and construction has sort of started, with almost 75% of the space sold out. The exact height is not yet known, but speculations are on that this is going to surpass the tallest buildings in the world. Chicago already has probably one of the world's best skylines and this is going to be another gem, and some day is gonna be on Discovery Channel. There is also the Burj Tower in Dubai, which is also competing to be the world's tallest tower and is sure going to be one helluva project. I am overawed by all this shit man, it is all simply so awesome!

Rambling a bit
So this is a blog of course, but have you heard of bleg and blawg? Well, the former is a blog specific to beg for money and the latter is a blog specific for legal (law) matters. So makes sense, b(l)eg and b(law)g? Funny, that such words even have a meaning. That is all not all. The IEEE Spectrum Mag carried an article about the different blog words in use, may of course not be official, but the lingo sure has caught on. It is a really funny and nice article and if you should check it out here. Speaking of b(l)eg, I also came across a site calling themselves 'Foundation for Internet begging'. They have membership and benefits! Incredible. In fact they of course ask for money and say that if you cannot donate as you may say 'no money', then please join the group and start begging along, what audacity. A lot of people do it, and you know what, it is paying off as well, to an extent. In America, you never know what you can come across..
Back home, in Indian news, I also read about IIT Delhi, developed a mobile phone charger, that is driven by wind. Neat stuff.

Its almost 1330 hrs and I have to shower and stuff. So I am outta here with the next post soon.
P.S.. yesterday, I had to cook and made a real good dish, using potato and other vegetables, came out real brilliant. Write to me for the recipe if you want ;)