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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Jazz Day and Saturday

I was thinking today morning about going to write today about how contrasting the last two days have been. It fortunately did not turn out to be so and has been a nice two days in terms of the times and the weather as well. Speaking of the weather, you are not going to believe this, but the last two days have been the most wonderful weather I have seen in almost like 2 months. It has been roughly like 8-10 C and that has been awesome. I cannot believe that I am experiencing such good weather, and sure feels like weather back home, of course though may still be colder than normal. Anyway a temperature on the positive side of zero is very well appreciated under any circumstances.

To talk about the last two days, as I had mentioned about the Jazz Day in my last post, I was working in the School of Music for most of Friday. That day was the first, in almost my entire stay away from home to get up like 7 AM. Never seen how that early looks here. I actually did not want to work until the morning, as I would be exceeding my no. of hours working this week. But seeing an email sent out by my supervisor as not enough people were available for work, I had to go. This email is so funny and so warped that I can't help but share that with you...

From : Peter Gerlach (my supervisor)
To : (all people who work as recording men-- LT is me)
Subject : Invasion of the Teenage Hepcats

Message : OK, kids, we need to record in CH, 155, & 171 all at once tomorrow at 0830. To date Jim has signed up for that time slot. If you count, you'll see that we have a total of 3 rooms and 1 Jim. Now, I am not a math major, and for good reason, but if I recollect proper it takes some fairly esoteric cyphering to make 1 equal 3. I had hoped to be available to all in case of emergency, but I guess this qualifies as such. I, however, am, like Brother Moore, singular. For 1+1 to equal 3 requires acts in which I am not prepared to engage with Jim, and which, even if I did, would seem (and again, I'm not a biology major, either) unlikely to give the desired result, he & I each being possessed of a Y chromosome (if you get my drift). In other words, gentle readers, SOMEBODY SAVE MY SORRY ASS AND TAKE THE 3RD 0830 SLOT!!!! Likewise, Jim & Kristen are signed up for the afternoon shift (1410-1450). As LT was there & scratched I assume he's not available, and Chris & I both have class in DuSable until 1350, and I'm too freakin' old to run that far. Ergo, it would be a thing of beauty if Tony or Jared could take that one (come on, Jared, don't you want 1 shift she didn't sign you up for?) Please respond ASAP so as to prevent further anguish on my part. Peter

This was an awesome thing I got, and I had a great laugh about the whole thing. I kinda felt I should help out and after all I get paid for it. So went like 0815 there when the first recording was like 0830 and setup needs like atleast half hour. When I entered the Music building, I spent a while searching for my sup and not too many people around were of help, but when I said I am the recording man here, I was treated differently and suddenly there was a frantic ushering and calls to the place as they were short of manpower. Anyway once I settled in, the first school trooped in and I was all set, soundboard, headphones.. all in place and was ready to start. The group was like about 12 people and one of them was stunning. They kinda played pretty neat with the trombones and the guitars and the drums. The piano was also neat and there were some instruments I may never know the names of. Anyway, I was recording their warmups, their actual Jazz performance and then the critique. The significance of such a day is that High schools do this every year, not like an examination or something, but just to come down to a university and get critiqued by professional musicians and music faculty so that they can improve their performance. Each school goes through a total of about 40 minutes. I did a total of 4 schools and was kinda neat considering all I had to do was press the record/pause/play/rewind buttons on the system when needed after the initial setup and I get paid for it nevertheless. Each group had atleast a couple of 'really nice people'. As I do not have class on Friday, I got done with this like in the afternoon and then I went to work on my other job (the Telefund) till like 9 PM. It sure was a long day but yes, it was interesting.

Today was another first in the sense I had that off campus course (Digital Communication Signal Processing in Telecommunication, ELE 598 in Naperville). This place is like a 40 min drive from here and my friend was driving me down there. The class was at 9 and we had to leave like 8-815. I am not sure why, but I was up as early as 0645, which beat Friday's record of waking up the earliest in all my time here. By the time we left from here it was almost like 835. We had never been there before and made a wrong turn somewhere and hence got to class about 30 min late. Nah, not like it matters. This was the start of a 6 hr class! As class went by, it wasn't as difficult as it seemed and today's material was really simple stuff and I never knew time going by, believe it or not. We had like a couple of breaks as well, and the campus really rocks, as it is like a corporate campus, mainly designed for working people in and around Chicago to come and take classes. The shitty part is that, there are 10 students taking the course and 8 of them come from Dekalb (where I live). So they might as well transfer the course to on campus, but like we make the rules. Anyway time went by and the assignment due is also something I have already done last year when I took Random Signal Processing. Since the class was ok today, so was the day. Its definitely all in the mind.

As usual lots of assignments to catch up on in the next couple of days and of course the Superbowl is tomorrow. Yo!