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Thursday, February 03, 2005

going on

I just found a little time to write before another long night starts and of course another hard day. These days I only take a short nap roughly between 2 and 8 PM IST and then rest of the time, I am 'trying' to get some work done. Its been a little rough so far, but feel its worse than the last semester. Anyway, this Saturday, my first offcampus (a place called Naperville, about a 40 min drive from here) starts and that is a 6 hour straight class!! Never had any experience of like that ever before of the same class and that too hard as hell for a full day. This subject is Digital Signal Processing for Telecommunication. The other thing I have done this sem, for good or bad, is that I have registered for an extra class this sem, and that is Control Strategies for Multilink Manipulators (basically a basic robotics course, involving neural networks). I took this class as I want to get done with my course work asap, and then start my thesis too.

In fact as I write, side by side, I am working on my thesis topic report which I have to turn it in like tomorrow. I won't elaborate on the topic and the research too much, as I am sure you would not like to read too much about it, as much as I would not like to write about it. Today was a long long day as well, when I had gone around campus to update my permanent Social Security Number to various places, like the bank and stuff. Tomorrow there is some high school Jazz Band playing, at the School of Music, and they have a lot of shifts lined up. Since I never had classes on Fridays, I signed for quite a few of their shifts from the morning, thinking I can make some money. Was a wrong decision I guess, as I never anticipated the work that would line up this week. Still have my thesis report to be turned in and of course the assignments (all belters in MATLAB) and then the class coming up. So its a tight time. In the meanwhile we had our first IEEE meeting for this sem today and had to sit through even after the free Pizza and pop we always have at the start. I am the assistant secretary of the same in my University so have to be there of course. After all that, today was my cooking turn and I had come home and made 'dal' and as one of my friends has made the most correct observation which I subscribe to this day, with dal you can never go wrong-mix anything, add anything or do anything with dal, it will always come out good, trust me. It always works, and we being experienced a bit in that field now, people who do not cook, this is one of the safest bets

I have been having a great time at the other place where I make a lot of money and have been paid almost double of the time I worked in terms of bonuses and stuff. The other thing I want to say is that, the other day, my friend was saying 'Have you ever wondered that the internet seems to be made for America, I mean, catered to the US?' Until that I never realized how true that could be. Think of it, when was the last time you went to a site and when you had to register, the default country was United States. Or when you goto online sites, the price is default in $$. Isn't it funny, you see a website and it could be from any country, but a website has always an American influence? Its sort of the way the internet itself evolved I guess, and the way things have grown around. Life here is online and I have grown into it as well. I mean from checking the weather, to timezones and from buying stuff and of course email and news, internet is the life here. And when not that, its MATLAB, crazy stuff.

Have been sleeping as I said earlier like 2 AM for the last 15-20 days, not with any real specific reason, but work and some music and stuff. Also, got the entire series of Band of Brothers.

Anyway , I have been writing this on and off for the last 2 hours and now I need to get some serious work done, and tomm and the day after is going to be hectic, will get back probably like Sat night again.

Also, another big big thing happening, the Superbowl this Sunday (the world cup finals of American football). The Patriots and the Eagles square off and I have requested my work off that day to watch it, weird.. huh? Yes, watching in that trash TV of ours and of course, I am still looking for all those DVD/CDs and other electronics people wanted from the trash, will definitely catch hold of a few and ship them to the people who requested, yes, free shipping included.

A quick word, I am currently only burning the movies on DVD, not mush time to see them, funny it may seem, so have seen like 3/50 so far. Too bad, I am missing the fruits of the work, but will catch up soon.