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Monday, January 31, 2005

first haircut, second fall, third week and 2 new jobs..


It has sure been a long time now, since I last posted. Actually the screw (this word is of course an euphemism, and I have censored what I actually wanted to put) up was that my
previous blog is having some server problems, which you guys may have encountered when you tried accessing it over the past few days.

Anyway I have decided to move on and think this should not give any problems. As I think I said on some earlier post, that Technology does not matter until it fails, and now that this happened, that is when you feel the punch. Nothing can be really expected, even the unexpected. But mind it, this site may be different, but me and you are still the same and I hope the content does remain so as well!

I am not even sure where I had left off in my last blog, and what I was talking about. I think I just said that my sem is starting and 1st week was over and I was working on that alum calling job. Nah, does it matter? Lets just go on. Well, I just got my first semblance of how I looked when I came here, when I got a haircut in almost 6 months. Now if a cop sees my passport or ID, he is not going to get suspicious. Elaborating the second part in the title, yes I had fall(s) after that first one I told you about. I thought I had 'learned' how to walk on the slippery ice, but does not seem like. Now I am very cautious and wary, but sometimes there is that slight overlook and if not ready for it, you hit the floor. No serious ones so far, but did have like 3-4 falls, but managed to cling on and stayed up. Its funny, I am describing my fall, which is nowhere a new concept, but slipping on ice for it, is definitely new. Also, no idea if I updated you, but I have resigned my cafeteria job which I was doing in the last sem, as they wanted me to work more hours and I could not comply with that. So I had to part and believe or not, 1 of my supervisors (some black girl) and also my cook who I work for, were begging me to stay on and hoped that I would come back soon. But, yes, I had to leave and I also miss the 'food' and 'people' there. (chuckles). The other job I managed to procure was in the School of Music, where I have taken up a recording job. I had applied for the same and had an interview and stuff, and the interviewer was surprised, me an EE major had applied. Anyway, based on my 'technical knowledge' he gave me the job, which actually pays like a dollar more per hour than the average campus job. The work itself is not very easy. I had gone for my training and boy oh boy, setting up the console, the equalizer levels, fixing the mikes and jacking them up and using the DAT tapes and recording the right stuff was all highly complicated. See, these music majors, and any concerts in general have some recitals, performances going on all sem, just like our assignments and projects. So when they have some recording, I have to come in an hour before, go through all the wiring, setting up of the soundboards, etc and then be ready to start recording when they come in. Intermissions should be taken care off, etc, as later editing is got to be done! After that the the DAT tape has to be converted to CD. I mean I never thought I will go from handing out food and flirting with the girls in the cafeteria to a recording studio guy. But of course, both jobs are interesting in their own aspect. I am doing real good at my other job, got a couple of $1000 pledges from alumni towards the univ, and this entitles me to a lot of bonuses (get paid for a few hours I need not work). So I did not want to leave that job.

My culinary skills have been on the rise and I have become a fast and efficient cook at home. Start to finish in flat 45 minutes, excluding the 15 min before, thinking of what to cook and evaluating the possibility of doing that, based on the raw materials, mood, recentness of the same food prepared and above all how many utensils I will need to use ('cause the rule here is 'you cook-you clean', while some others in other apartments use 'you cook-others clean'). So multitasking goes on big time. While cooking the gravy, the rice is washed and kept for cooing and while that is being done, cleaning of spoons and stuff used and while just the cooking on gas has to be done, all surfaces and vessels are washed, and in 40-45 min flat, its all over. Pretty neat, huh? Always wonder why my mom used to be cooking all day, ya probably no one should complain about the food here.

Yesterday, we were on our reserve pack of rice, so we had to go down to Aurora to do shopping in my room mate's car (ya, he bought a Toyota Paseo for under a 1000 bucks last week, pretty neat shit). We also dropped in the Balaji Temple again (The Balaji Temple of Greater Chicago, about which I had written elaborately on my first visit, and also had photos). Then had the shopping (loaded as much as we could take). Then went to my other room mate's sister's place there and had as much (Indian) food as I could. Got back like 11 PM, and also we managed to get a TV from the trash. So finally something, no cable though and get only like 5-6 channels. Its some old ass TV, never even heard of the brand, and who cares, it works, that's all. Can see like Simpsons atleast everyday, and news if not anything else.

My movie collection just hit 50 the other day and another 20 are in the coming. My comp has not seen more than 3 GB of free space in over 25 days now, when I am supposed to be having 60 GB. Too many movies on comp in halfway dload stage! The DVDs are all being burnt as I just 'released' my 10th one (each has roughly 5 movies)

Fine, I have a lot of work this week, so I am getting off now and will try to post again by the weekend.