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Thursday, November 16, 2006

(Hopefully) final semester

Well, 4 months since my last post. A lot of my friends have travelled overseas in that time. I have been rushed into the semester which I am hoping will be my final academic one. I am wrapping my thesis up, but still ways to go. In the meanwhile, I was also working on
my website and another website for the school. I joined this new organization called Engineers without Borders. In fact we just started the NIU Chapter and though the website has not yet gone live, it will in the next couple of days. I am not sure if there are any people I interest anymore in these ramblings, but I have some plans in the pipeline to dramatically alter a few things. Keep guessing..

Thursday, June 29, 2006


The summer is nice but its ironic I still dislike it as its gets really bad when I drive from work. Yes peeps, its been such a long while now and consequently my page hits are spiraling (umm..which direction? lol)

I can't believe we are halfway into 2006 which just seemed to start like a week back or something. I went through a whole semester in a school (no idea how!) and then here I am working again this summer for another firm. Work here though is pretty cool. An audio engineering and wireless systems company primarily composed of entertainers and smart pants rolled into one. Throw in the looks of Tommy Chong (Leo from That 70s show) and you have Shure! Nice work environ and I am loving it. Lots of toys and cool stuff you can play with. I am also hanging by a thread to complete my degree, its my thesis, gotta get 'er done soon!

I am doing like a 140 miles a day (you can figure in km if you want) as Hareesh was not nice enough to give me a place in Chi like last year (lol..just kidding). So, typically I am leaving home like 0615 hrs to be at office a little before 0800 and back (if I am lucky, may I add) a little after 1830 hrs, averaging about 60 mph. Why this madness? I don't know, I am doing it and have done it for over 5 weeks now, so stop all the ranting and ridiculing (if any). Hence I have become mostly a pro at driving, but still take some risks I could avoid. I am just glad my 9 year old, second hand car has been upto the task everyday. Was carpooling initially, but had a fallout and hence driving alone now.

I don't know, I wanted to say so many things, but can't seem to remember all of it now. Summerfest starts today and I just started thinking about a quick stop this weekend, not sure. (This list might blow you). This weekend, Taste of Chicago starts and is also the long Independence Day weekend..yipee. Lots of stuff..huh? Not to mention some great games from the Fifa World Cup on too in addition to the Indianpolis F1 grandprix --- all this screaming weekend.

I also haven't heard from many of you in a long time. Whats going on around?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The month that was!

Well, its been yet another long hiatus since I was here. "What happened"? You don't want to know!

Oh ya, did I mention I may be working this summer again? Chances are, I did not. Yes, this summer, I am going to be interning at Shure Inc., an audio electronics company. I had always wanted to work there ever since I got to know them and now well I have the chance. Sometime last semester, I had mentioned that I had gone on a day tour of a company close to Chicago and what an experience that was. Well, this is the development of that marriage that day.

That was what I should have been looking for all semester, but a lot of things came looking for me too, which I really wasn't exactly too amused about. I bought the car, which I wrote about sometime back. Did I say car? That has been a sort of -- in everything! First I ran off the road in a friend's car on a snowy day, which I should have known better not to drive. I was fine, the car had some work to be done on; then my car had its brake lights out one day and the mechanic had tried fixing it a couple of times, but somehow it always gave way. So as they say 3rd time lucky, I had to go once more, only this time, it was 3rd time unlucky! I was driving to the auto shop and some idiot ahead slammed the brakes so hard and suddenly, I had to follow suit and another idiot didn't do the same and rear ended me. Well, I was already running late for a few things and really did not have time to call the cops and sort it out as I was as liable as him for my brake lights being out. Well, the poor chap had greater damage than I, as I just had a small rip on my rear bumper and nothing else, and he had his whole entire left headlight ripped off. We had a few conversations later and we decided, each of us cares for our troubles, which was the best solution anyways. This was just the beginning of that whole week...Stay tuned

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Touching base

I haven't logged back in here in quite a while and while I was sifting through something, I was reminded of my account at Blogspot!

Well, I am back from Bangalore, India. I was back early in January and have had a fleeting 1 month so far. I have had so much to take care of and accomplish that I have not had any time to settle back.
In the meanwhile.... The Superbowl has just got over, so that's one less frenzy around here for everyone; Microsoft has released a Beta Version of their IE 7 and soon going to roll out their Vista OS (I hear July '06); My friend made a news aggregation website; the Ind-Pak series (which once again I could not resist buying a live stream) is on; I got myself a new cell phone and a car(!!).. and a few other things happened which are not worthy of being discussed.

So there has had been quite a barrage of issues I have had to contend with. I also retained the same positions at school which means I am still funded and as a result, I decided to take a Foreign language course, German. Its a basic level course, one which aims at teaching you grammar and basic conversational skills and improved reading skills. I am getting good at the reading and understanding bit, just still need a way to go in the grammar. I also have been given a name for the class as my name again seemed to be bothering the professor, so he picked a German name, 'Ludwig', and well, that is how I am known/called (haha).

We have had such a warm winter this year, (in comparison to normal I mean), its been awesome and in fact the temperatures have been really on the better side for the most part. Though, I must admit that the east coast is having an ultra bad 'weekend whiteout' with a foot and half of snow in some places over half a day, terrible!

Hmm, about the car I bought, it is a '98 (white) Dodge Neon (wiki link). Not the best of ones, but something I can use to get around and more importantly something my pocket could afford. Why the car now..well, why NOT now? Also, more importantly I have a few things to take care of.
Well, I have to scoot now to get some dinner and I am going to busy this sem with thesis work as well, as I have to get done with it soon. Shall post when something worthy comes up.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Back to Bangalore!

Its been a pretty long time now. I just saw that my last post was just a shade under 2 months ago and this was coming. Firstly, yes, a lot has happened in the time I haven't written and to recount all of them would be too cumbersome. Just to touch upon some main aspects.

The first snow for this winter just started a couple of days back and today was the worse, almost about an inch of snow in the morning. I was driving a little and boy, didn't the car slip! (yes, I have learnt how to drive and am a pretty confident driver here now, and still drive in all my friends' cars. I have not yet bought one.) Even as I write this, my univ has been doing great in the football season this year and they are currently playing the MAC (Mid-American Championship) game at Detroit, Michigan against the Akron Zips and are leading 27-17 in the 4th quarter. (just became 27-24!)

One of the reasons I am posting this, is that, I am going to be back home in about a week's time from now and it was a long time coming. I had actually wondered some 14 months back, how I would be writing about coming back home and can't imagine I am actually at that point now. The winds of time have dispersed quite a bit of my thoughts and I am pondering over the writer Thomas Wolfe's words ,"You can't go home again". Well, it's definitely going to be different I can see, but hope its a pleasant change from the drone of activity here. I have a lot of stuff to write about, but oh well, its too trivial. I have my finals next week and have some work to finish up, hence I am leaving at the end of the week (Friday, Dec 09). I expect to land in Bangalore on Dec 11, and have planned to be there for a little over 4 weeks as of now. This being my last post for this year from here, I shall post once I am back here in this country.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Crazy times!

I haven't posted in a long time, as I have been in the midst of some crazy things. Well, I am doing a lot of things and will not post till early December. Shall correspond directly if necessary or if needed, drop me a line.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

filling in a few words

It has been a while now since I have visited here. Nothing is new yet, atleast I think so. I am a month into the sem and a month closer to getting back home.

The football season has started and the fricking team screwed up in the first 2 games (against Univ of Michigan and Northwestern). Well, the first game was a no contest and we were expected to lose anyways and we did some 33-17, while the 2nd one was a heart rendering 38-37 loss. I was mighty pissed after both the games and I could not hold back my anger and disappointment. I have gotten real close to the game and was even watching the Washington Wizards vs the Dallas Cowboys on a non weekend day to raise funds for the Hurrican Katrina (which btw, is still dominating news big time!). Well, my univ won the 3rd game of the season (which was the first game at home, but I did not go to watch it) convincingly 42-3, which was expected. I am looking forward to the season's games nevertheless.

I have just got done playing Half Life 2 and just started reading The Da Vinci Code as well. Just to fill in, I am writing. Want to write a few more things, but am not doing so. Also, guess what, I am getting done with a DVD of the Ashes (2005), all games, a complete package with a preview and all (each day is some 25 mins). Just one of the best of my collection I think. If only I could make a dealing of it; well I already have 3 orders for it....